The only people, who are made uncomfortable by the title of this post, are those, who have something to hide.

Each and every one of us has an infinite number of Ancestors.  And according to Slavic heritage and ancient culture, our Deities are our Ancestors, who simply have developed enough to ascend to the level of a Deity.

If you read the Book of Veles, you will learn that it is impossible to name all of the Slavic deities, for their number is really that great.  In The Slavic Way Shop, you'll be able to find a "small" number of statues (idols) of both Slavic and Norse deities, and new statues are constantly designed and added.

One of the questions I am most commonly asked:  "How many statues is enough to have within a home?"  My answer to that is always:  "as many as you want."

I have deities in every room of my house.  For me personally, it fulfills a dual purpose:  1st, I constantly remember my Ancestors and my Deities, and not a single day goes by, where I do not honor them at least in my thoughts; and 2nd, because I know that my Ancestors and Deities are always watching, it ensures that I lead a good life.

There are many other benefits, like:  children always asking to tell and explain to them about their roots and heritage ... nothing ever has to be forced onto them.  A child may walk by a statue, pick it up and ask you to explain who it is and how such a deity is related to his or her culture and heritage.  So it truly is a lot of fun.

Slava, and may Ancestors always guide you!